Friday, June 3, 2011

Shoshone Falls

Some pictures of Shoshone Falls, near Twin Falls, Idaho. Evil Knievel jumped this gorge in the late 70's.

The little cousins sure love big cousin Dustin T

Good thing this hot lady was around to save this picture from the grumpy traveller next to her. She even got him to smile.

Pictures from the last few weeks

We went to Utah for a funeral a few weeks ago. A big thank-you to everyone who filled in for me at work, and who picked up the slack for Jody, ... you know who you are! And our apologies and many blessings in heaven to all those who let us bring our travelling 3-ring circus to your home!

Hottest navigator ever!

With a combination of luck and wheedling we can get our kids to all pose for a picture at the same time. Emphasis on 'pose'

Monday, May 9, 2011

Best show ever

I went to Toronto the weekend of the 30th of April for a pharmacist conference. Friday evening I walked up to the Phoenix conference hall and scalped a ticket to see the Rural Alberta Advantage play. They make a awful lot of noise for a band of 3 that includes an acoustic guitar and a young lady mostly playing the tambourine. Happiest drummer ever.

Here is another picture of my honey on Mother's Day with our middle child.

engagement photos

While visiting my Mom yesterday, we took the kids to the playground in Magrath. My sister was messing around with a new camera lens, and we posed for a few "engagement" photos. It's the cheesy smile by the handsome prospective groom Blogmaster that pushes these pics into engagement photo territory.

Link to full post @ Stuff_This_People_Like

Monday, April 25, 2011

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Libby tells us about the creepy spiders

Libby (3 years old) is using her word very well lately... as well as her imagination!

We made an awesome snowman today thanks to the heaps of wet and heavy snow. Snowman building included a few crying episodes of "he hit me in the head with a snowball!" Here is some pics.

Alas, the life span of Mr. Snowman was a few short minutes before he became the snowball target.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Good Travellers, Bad Houseguests

Went to Lloydminster last week to help Jarem and his family move into the house they bought there. I took Slade and Piper with me, to help me stay awake on the long drive, to help watch the younger kids, and so they could visit with cousins. They were so good in the car in both directions. Unfortunately Slade brought extra friends (germs) with him, and painted the new floor (hamburger soup and rootbeer puke). Piper wouldn't eat anything that was made for supper and my brother's family got to see what her temper tantrums are like. Now piper and I are sick, and Jarem's kids are puking. Best housewarming present ever, you are welcome!

certain words are color-coded to match the color of the carpet post-vomit.

In order to make you and I feel better, check out the video for the new REM song. It will make you want to dance around for the rest of the day!